Info on Hormone Therapy: What I have learned about hormone replacement therapy (estrogen and progesterone) for women who have had extensive chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, peripheral stem cell transplant, and/or radiation treatment, or who have experienced early menopause.

Ways YOU Can Help People Living with Cancer: Lots of suggestions (both general and specific), even for folks far away.

Excerpts From Friends' E-mails: Lots of friends have offered inspirational words of support. Here are a few, with identities omitted. (Gotta protect my friends from the vultures at National Enquirer!)

Catalogue of Books: Comments on books about living with cancer, plus lots of books on other subjects.

Hall of Fame: Amazing offerings of assistance from amazing people.

Fun Stuff: Heck, we all could use a good laugh. Check out the xray of Homer Simpson's head! Read some of the poems my friends wrote in response to my silly Halloween poem! Find out about some suggested winter coping strategies.

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